“Save Snegurochka!” is a lovely dynamic shooter for all ages
that fully immerses players into the ambiance of snowmen’s world. You will have an impressive weapon and will feel as an experienced shooter. Move around using the controller and go through beautiful low poly landscape. Be careful! There are different types of snowmen lurking on your journey. They thought tricky weapons to discourage you to free Snegurochka. Need a little help?
OK! In the first level end you will find a friend. He will accompany you and help… sometimes.
Every level is unique and surprise you with new adventurous moments. Even a RollerCoaster level is included.
Put on your HTC Vive and dive into the world of grimly snowmen!

Aliens occupied our planet. They built Towers to suck our earth out.
If you are free from giddiness and a good shooter, you can take on the challenge and destroy the towers.
As a highly trained agent, you embark on an exciting hunt and
do everything possible to destroy the tower of the aliens. You skillfully switch the gondolas
by teleport orbiting the tower high above the ground. As long as you have enough life points,
they don’t fall down and you stay alive.
As soon as you shoot the tower, it will react with a targeted missile.
You have to take the risk because you don’t have much time.
Allied with the girls of the command station you do that
Impossible mission possible!